The Jungle Book
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By Rudyard Kipling, adapted by Neil Duffield

Remember, the strength of the wolf is the pack. 

Hidden under a canopy of green leaves, a child swings from branches and stumbles through soil paths. This man-cub, raised by wolves, tries to outrun the dangerous wrath of man’s red fire. On his journey young Mowgli learns the laws of the jungle from a bumbling bear and is sought after by the great Shere Khan. With the lives of all creatures at stake, this is the story of how our differences really just bring people (and animals!) closer together.

The Berry Youth Theatre Senior groups present Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book, adapted for stage by Neil Duffield. This Spring, as the plants come into bloom, join us on an adventure through twisting twines and terrific trees, as young Mowgli learns the importance of family. Prepare for beautiful visuals and a moving contemporary score as we invite you into the jungle!