...And This is My Friend Mr Laurel
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KPS Productions & The Finishing Touch Company

By Gail Louw and Jeffrey Holland

Fulfilling a long held desire to pay tribute to his hero Stan Laurel, Jeffrey Holland (Hi-de-Hi, You Rang M'Lord) tells this intriguing, funny and often poignant tale of friendship, love and dedication about one of Hollywood’s great film comedians.

Jeffrey stars in this one-man show about friendship, memories and a couple of remarkable lives. Set in the bedroom of a sick Oliver Hardy the show takes place during Laurel's visit to the dying man. Recounting their past success as the comedy double act Laurel and Hardy, this is a humorous and touching look at one of the great cinematic partnerships of the last century.

**** 'Spellbinding and magically, timelessly funny' - The Stage

**** 'Simple, smart and sublimely performed' - Broadway Baby

Dates and Times

Friday 24 January 7:30pm Book Tickets