An Evening with Matt Halpern and Federico Paulovich
An Evening with Matt Halpern and Federico Paulovich

On sale Monday 8th April at 10am

Baltimore native Matt Halpern is the drummer for Periphery and co-founder of the software company, GetGood Drums. He is an active educator who is very passionate about inspiring students and artists to use their creativity to pursue their talents as careers. Matt has won multiple awards including Best Clinician/Educator and Best Metal Drummer in Modern Drummer Magazine, as well as countless of other awards, and he continues to be a very engaged member of the drumming community.

Supported by Italian drumming powerhouse Federico Paulovich, the evening promises to showcase some of the most progressive modern drumming out there alongside an opportunity for Q and A with both artists who will cover everything from life on the road and practice techniques to health and self-promotion.

Event supported by Evans Drumheads and Promark Drumsticks in Assocatiation with Graham Russell Drums.


Kindly note that this show is presented and promoted by an external hirer of our facilities. The Point and The Berry Theatre therefore cannot accept responsibility for the content or production values of the performance.


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