Choice Grenfell
Choice Grenfell

Commemorating the 40th anniversary of the loss of the great, unremittingly genteel comedienne and monologist, Joyce Grenfell.

Choice Grenfell is a wonderful tribute featuring some of the best of Joyce’s hilarious songs and monologues from Stately as a Galleon and School Nativity Play to A Terrible Worrier and First Flight. Joyce is our guide for a delightful delve into some of her most endearing characters, ably accompanied by her trusted pianist William Blezard.

We are delighted that the family of William Blezard have allowed us access to previously unpublished rehearsal recordings and personal letters from Joyce allowing a unique insight into the queen of comediennes.

“Tremendously funny and totally on the ball” The Telegraph

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Saturday 27 July 8:00pm Book Tickets