The Pirate Cruncher
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Goat and Monkey

A rollicking adventure, told through thrilling action, daft nonsense, stirring shanties, the weirdest of mechanical contraptions and a healthy dose of good old-fashioned audience involvement with foam balls and huge elastic bands!

A family show, The Pirate Cruncher is adapted from the best-selling book by Jonny Duddle and scored by multi award winning folk musician Jon Boden.

Overlooking the harbour lies the Thirsty Parrot tavern, run single-handedly by plucky and clever seven year old Emily, child inventor extraordinaire. When her tavern is raided by Captain Purplebeard and his dastardly cut-throat crew, Emily determines to take revenge, by sending the pirates on a wild goose chase for treasure.

Jonny Duddle's original children's book won the Waterstone's Children's Book Prize and musician Jon Boden is internationally known through Bellowhead and has 11 BBC Radio 2 folk awards!

Presented by Goat and Monkey, UK based theatre makers who aim to make epic work that always allow audiences to experience something unforgettable.

Dates and Times

Wednesday 30 October 4:30pm Book Tickets
Thursday 31 October 11:00am Book Tickets
Thursday 31 October 2:30pm Book Tickets