The Gingerbread Man
Gingerbread Man_4

Stuff and Nonsense Theatre Company

Please note this is a preview performance.

Imagine being born in an oven and the first person you meet wants to dunk you in his tea!

Come and see the adventure of the deliciously smelling Gingerbread Man who finds his feet fast and sets off on the journey of a lifetime!

Up and down and into town our Gingerbread Man must use his wits to escape anyone who finds him tasty. Is he faster than a Goose? Can he cross a river using a Fox as a raft? Are Gingerbread Men allowed on trains?

Come and join in his epic quest and meet the bravest biscuit of all times!

Stuff and Nonsense apply their usual brilliance with a mix of puppetry, live action, great music, humour and a stunning staging in this exciting and pacey retelling of this well-loved classic tale.

Suitable for families of all ages, even if you are three or eighty-three! No scary bits - just don't turn up hungry!

Created with public funding from Arts Council England, support from The Berry Theatre, Hedge End & The Point Eastleigh, with additional support from Salisbury Playhouse and The Lyric Theatre Bridport.

Dates and Times

Saturday 10 February 11:00am Book Tickets
Saturday 10 February 1:00pm Book Tickets
Sunday 11 February 11:00am Book Tickets