The Minotaur
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The Berry Youth Theatre

By Neil Duffield

'Beyond the realms of place and time exists a land where dreams are truth and truth is dreams, where the world of the flesh meets the world of the spirit. The name of this land is Myth.'

The Berry Youth Theatre presents their first senior production, The Minotaur: a story for all time and all people, a tale of adventure and intrigue, of love and betrayal, of fear of the unknown, and of two cultures each bent on revenge. We invite fearless families to take on the labyrinth, unleash their inner hero and find the courage within.

"The most creative youth theatre show I've ever seen; very professional." - Audiences on The Berry Youth Theatre's The Little Mermaid (April 2017)

Dates and Times

Friday 13 April 7:30pm Book Tickets
Saturday 14 April 2:00pm Book Tickets
Saturday 14 April 7:30pm Book Tickets