Trans-media Storytelling
Trans-media Storytelling

By linking writers with artists and businesses at Eastleigh’s Tec Hub the Write Now programme is supporting the development of creative storytelling through a variety of mediums. Whether it be mobile apps, comics, films, games, audio, online platforms, film or theatre we want to bring together the best creative talent to support the growth of innovative storytelling that engage audiences in new and exciting ways.

Current Projects

Bloor and Valour: Southampton’s legendary icon Sir Bevis of Hampton is to become a comic book hero for the first time, thanks to a collaboration between emerging writer and Write Now Associate Matt Beames and Tec Hub’s Marcus Pullen of Blue Donut Studios.

Marcus, one of the founding members of Eastleigh’s digital business hub, will design and draw the illustrations based on a script worked on by both him and Matt, which aims to breathe new life into a somewhat forgotten character.

The creation of the comic book, to be titled Blood and Valour, is part of Eastleigh Borough Council Culture Unit’s Digital Arts Programme Eastleigh (DAPE), a programme that aims to support new talent and emerging businesses working with digital arts to explore inspirational and exciting new ways to present work.

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Story Shuffle App: We are working with TinRaven to develop an App as part of our Legends of Sir Bevis creative writing project.

The Story Shuffle app will house hundreds of children’s versions of the story of Sir Bevis and will randomise the content so that you will never read the same version twice.


Harry’s Hampshire Map: Road To Agincourt is excited to announce it will launch its newly-designed interactive and wearable map, Harry’s Hampshire, at next month’s Hamble Festival of Food.

Designers Marcus Pullen of Blue Donut Studios and David Overton of SplashMaps are the team behind the stunning Harry’s Hampshire, a new interactive, wearable map that allows technology to bring history to life.

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